The patient is more alive than dead

Russians lived for several years "dead". Situation from a joke - an autopsy it appeared that the cause of death was an autopsy.
But in reality, the situation was not so tragic. The patient, whom doctors had dead appeared alive. Now, the right to life, he defends in court.
In Russia, the victim is unconscious taken to the intensive care unit, and never regained consciousness, he died. Doctors who had to witness the death, and mixed up the name of "buried" the other person.
It happened in 2007, and for a long time "buried alive" did not even know about it. But then he had to go to the passport office, and there he was told the original news - that it is already several years is no longer alive.
The court found the man alive and demanded to destroy the death certificate.

I do not know cheto Fake smells. although, on the other hand, in the country, its glorious mess, can happen, anything


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