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The prosecutors Crimea confirmed the indictment in the case, with respect to 59-year-old from Kiev who stole the concert director of "Studio Quarter-95" 460 000 hryvnia. The journalists reported the press service of the Prosecutor of the ARC.
For consideration of the merits of the charge, provided the fifth part of Article 185 of the Criminal Code, the documents sent to the court.
According to regional media, on suspicion of theft, police officers arrested a man who lives in Kiev Svyatoshinsky district of Kiev, as it turned out - the bus driver transporting staff "Quarter" on tour in Feodosia in August this year. Suspect arrested in theft of residence.

I now wonder how, where and under what circumstances it was possible to extract this very amount. no truck with gold, of course, but not two pennies. rather than whether sculpts concert director?


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