Spіvіv not bude.

Rural schools have - it's still something special. And what a wonderful pedsosotav happens in them!
That's from a friend, for example, who lived and grew up in the Zaporozhye region, he taught himself a pluralist incompatible. Soldier, a respected man in the village, and, at the same time, the teacher of singing and drawing. Well, there is. For me personally, but grew up in the city, drawing a long time led the teacher labor. However, we are small, about the true magnitude of this insidious at that time had no idea. Well, talking about something else.
So, the morning comes this well-deserved compiler for the next lesson and so pathetically says, "Dіti, NAS of Ukraine will spіvi." Then opens a case, pulls out a violin and holds the bow across the strings. Trying to sound. Something does not suit him, he pulls the string. Tries again - no, not building a violin. Once more pulls. Again, not that.
You know, number three - in something magical. No wonder that it is widely featured in the tales and anecdotes - a truly national attitude. And on the third string did not stand up. With heart-rending sound of lopnuv, she hits the poor fellow's face.
It was still something stoic in the former front-line soldiers. A muscle on the face without flinching, he takes for violin neck, swings, and with all his might fiddle thrashes against the wall. Wall, of course, turns out to be stronger, violin - smithereens.
It takes about a minute in the classroom - deathly silence. Finally, the teacher takes himself in hand and already steady voice says: "Dіti. On sorry spіvіv not bude. NAS of Ukraine bude malyuvannya ».
By the way, in the company of a familiar phrase "spіvіv not bude" - a code phrase that for some there is not grown together.


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