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I think Kirkorov is a rare combination of gay and motherfuckers in one

Lying in a hospital Somali pirates seized the foreign ship.

Eight-carp, vyuzhenny of the Moscow River, a fisherman forced to perform three of his desire.

If the crisis is delayed, then giggled soon.

Medveyder promised to tear his head to those who beat Kashin. Chota somnevayus. Jump up and bite of the eggs - I believe.

Finding her grandson white powder, the grandmother thought it was the flour and made him pancakes. Carnival did not stop for three weeks.

In his quest to get a star from the sky ... I will ever probably the ladder

Squirrel-prostitute living on the two hollow ...

Only in Russia of an inverted machine can be heard laughing

Kohl was not superstitious, but when the life line in his hand intertwined in the inscription "You kapets", he realized that to be trouble!

 - Something you have a husband recently became a moving, funny, cheerful ... like hair became thicker and more magnificent? ...
 - Yes ... the dog died ... and so much food left ... do not throw out ...


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