The capture of the White House (8 photos)

On the night of 6 November 7 anarchists Moscow art group "War" celebrated the birthday of Nestor Makhno, as well as the anniversary of the October Revolution. Under Putin, the holiday was canceled and replaced by the National Unity Day, which we celebrate today. The report of the capture of the White House
That night was made a peaceful capture of one of the entrances, and then the roof of the hotel "Ukraine".

Promptly mounted laser projector is connected to an electric generator.

This (rather than the shot of "Aurora", which could not fit because of low bridges) serves as a signal to storm the gates.

Three manage to jump over the fence and make a peaceful conquest of territory of the White House. From a few minutes they were driven by superior forces FSO, armed service weapon and flashlights.

All participants of the peaceful capture the White House managed to escape.


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