Russia has acquired "Sirius"

The Turkish Vatan newspaper published an article about the 53-meter yacht "Sirius", purchased by the Office of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation. It is assumed that the "Sirius" Dmitry Medvedev will receive visitors during the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi in 2014.
The yacht was built at a shipyard in Tuzla district of Istanbul province, the company "Proteksan-Turquoise" and launched in January 2009. About fifteen years ago, the yacht was bought by the Italians and was named "Leo Fun", and in December last year - bought by Russia and renamed the "Sirius".

According to media reports, the yacht are six VIP-cabins, the ship can reach speeds up to 18 miles (33 km 3) per hour and is served by a crew of 12 people. Main cabin is divided into an extensive work area and bedroom. On board has a laundry room, cold room. Engine room equipped yacht with the latest technology. The interiors are decorated with teak and interior decoration designed by the renowned designer Jean Guy Vergès, who said that, guests will feel the yacht as the Italian club. The cost of the yacht is 30 million. Euro.


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