- Julia, you should not call the men first.
- How Come?
- You're a prostitute.

In the morning, my neighbors are very fond of coffee with a hammer.

This morning at the bus stop saw a werewolf. Although maybe it was just a very hairy guy. In any case, the silver bullet worked.

If a time to smoke a pack of cigarettes & "Peter I &» ... then the king can meet in person.

Lepschitsa ravioli patted his son's cheek and wrapped his face inward.

Fire on the exhibition circuit evacuation claimed hundreds of lives.

Reading the novels of Kafka, Joyce and Nabokov gave me the opportunity to drink Lada, cast behind the garages and not feel cattle.

Oh, that's before the time was! I remember! The first fifteen minutes, for example ...

To Russia has healed, you need to grow plantain area of ​​17,075,400 square kilometers and gently apply on the territory of the state.


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