& Quot; It was the fifth year of Yanukovych's presidency ... ... Spring began feeding pigeons. They are delicious and healthy. The bark of trees suitable for seasoning and brewing tea. I walk for a long time, learned a lot of new and interesting things about your city and its architecture. For birthday stabbed pooch. On the balcony lying upside down saline sparrows. I sew myself clothes. Learned how to weave sandals. I wash once a month, to kindle a fire in the yard and warmed water in buckets. Gas have not in the pocket and the gas pipe carved long. A couple of times managed to catch fish. Cook mash and put the brew. Kombucha - also good. My wife and I are thinking to take credit for two and buy a bike. Air in the city is cleaner, rare cars surprise the kids. The city empties. Yesterday saw passing by the president on his carriage. Going to coach with his wife in an apartment and land to plant kartohu. Like kartohu ... Have not eaten this delicious dish - kartoha .... Kartohu cooked roast ... ... baked ... They say President kartohu eat every day, but my wife and I do not believe it was too fabulous sounds: kartoha every day. We look forward to the summer ... Cockroaches not at home ... last ate in September 2013 ... Mosquitoes us to fly afraid our veins suck them through their own proboscis! Migratory birds fly over my city only at a height of 12,000 meters below ... people are afraid doprygivaet! Toads croak in the spring just sitting in deep water! Rats left the city forever! Today is the first time a decoction of shoelaces, as if followed by salt - like spaghetti (although that is not even remember the spaghetti elderly ...) What am I different ... Nothing even tolerate. The main Russian world and the second state - Russian. The main thing is that there was no war and the Russian fleet did not leave Sevastopol. Hold on ... Can we come. Once all the better. Feed; da yes, they know there how much oil and gas? At all enough. And can give a medal - "For heroism and resistance exerted on vremennookkupirovannoy enemy territory" and the increase in their pension. Hold out ... main thing is not to take over these Nazis of "Freedom". Elections soon ... My wife and I decided to again vote for Viktor Yanukovych! & Quot;


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