And the neck on one side

People exchanges student impressions of the summer - where everyone was, what he saw and the list goes on. And so it came to the boy Dima, and he tells the story of a most amusing:
 - It was like this. In the summer of moonlighting as a loader, and there were men - well, just incredible. Chronicles, but amazing people I have not seen. Once they have decently taking on his chest, went to the store for more. And one of them, leaving the house with drunken eyes managed to put on his pants backwards. And when pal went to the store for a bottle, he suddenly noticed his pants and decided to quickly change clothes. Well, how quickly - made too sharp movement - and neat little face fell down. The second output, each lying face down, fly overhead. Drunk brain instantly gives version - everything Khan, neck turned. He runs, so, look for witnesses, so the police called. Patrol came surprisingly quickly. By this time, the first man, the one who fell suddenly began to rise slowly - as it turned out, he just fell asleep after a fall. Well, it happens. Pose comfortable, what more is necessary. Fallen friend could not resist the spectacle "living dead" and he gradually sank to zemelku. Weak nerves were something. Well, okay, the poor guy was evacuated. But the cops were laughing like crazy.


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