Successful CHANGE.

The end of the 90s, Dnipropetrovsk, cheerful company of students decided to drink the amber beverage. Well, the hryvnia on the pockets zero. Purely in Student. Only one two lucky dollar. Why are they so happy - no one knows, but so. A currency exchange in the yard napryazhenka. Well, that is, with an official exchange. I have some of these problems never arise. However, the change - loudly for such a sum, but three beers with a piece of fish just turned.
And in front of the institute, on the waterfront, which is located some type of watercraft boat. While there whether some hotel, or casinos, or something like that, but about the people there and tusil enough cash. The local elite, so to speak.
Since the rocker gear was there to do absolutely nothing, with a forest of Pine began to equip the most representative. Cashmere coat with a single arm, mohair scarf - the other neck. And the finishing touch - a huge and exotic at the time Mobile, Armed with that Major could not totally enjoy. And all the time afraid that she suddenly tingle.
Raise a messenger to the boat, he, as usual, meets security. Well, he subdued them a voice "rates change?". Those in the same tone, say, get out, you see, the girl at the reception, her approach. He swam to the indicated place, the girl to him, "All heard, wait two minutes».
Pass these same two minutes, and then baksonosets see through the window that flies to the waterfront 600th gelding in the 140-m body, and from it there are four texture trunk. And his friends, quite the contrary, are rapidly disappearing.
And Pan student understands that kapets it comes, because the dollar in his pocket, and only two of what he is now talking to lead, it is unclear.
Meanwhile, people from the gelding him fit and looking earnestly into his eyes, asked:
 - Who are you finally?
 - Yes, that's - answers - currency swap.
 - How much?
 - Yes ... two ...
 - What are you doing, ...? Two lemon? And at what rate?
 - Well ... four ...
 - Finally ohamel! But where you have seen this course?
 - So the dollar ... Well ... just two
Hangs Homeric pause. The guys from Mersa skill level. And they laugh, it seems, is strictly prohibited. But then they do not stand the test. Nalivshis persons hot, they are, after all, do not stand up and blow up the situation rzhach wild.
Then, it seems, more importantly, coming to the messenger, and took out a bundle of banknotes ten asks:
 - Student?
 - Student.
 - Hold - holds the bill and literally barks - a march to teach lessons !!!
Happily fashioned bee flies away from the boat.
But when the missing friends still there, the mystery of the exchange does not tell them anything, he gives back two dollars, coat, scarf and mobile. And used the top ten buys a disc «Scorpions».
Because it is not good to throw friends


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