How to hijack planes from the Soviet Union (8 photos)

During the entire post-war period (up to now) able to find information about the 9 cases and
theft of military aircraft by Soviet pilots. Perhaps the flight was longer, but
many cases of our pilots landing on foreign airfields officially attributed to pilot error navigation. Here is a description of some cases:

In 1948. Grozny Flight School in Turkey hijacked the Yak-11.

October 9, 1948. airbase Kolomiya Austria (landing near Linz) pilots and P.Pirogovym A.Barsovym hijacked plane TU-2.

In 1949. hijacking Sweden fighter La-9.

In 1956. Western media reported on the Soviet MiG pilot
flew to the West.

In 1961. Soviet pilot of the new fighter-interceptor Su-9 flew in
Iranian city of Abadan. The plane was dismantled and transferred to the United States and went to the pilot which had previously been interviewed by officers of the Department of foreign technology (Foreign Technology Division) of the Ministry of Defense.

In 1973. pilot-instructor of Armavir flight school Safronov flew in

May 27, 1973. Aircraft L-t E.Vronsky flew the Su-7BM airbase
Grossenhain (GDR). Since the "pilot" had no practical flying skills (all his experience was limited to the "flight" simulator) "soft" landing excluded. In order not to risk it ejected immediately after crossing the border of Germany. The plane crashed in the forest near the city of Braunschweig. The whole flight took place in the afterburning of the engine with the lie as the chassis. The wreckage of the aircraft returned to the Soviet side and Vronsky was granted political asylum.

The last two cases of theft were widely reported in the foreign and the Soviet press.
Especially a lot of publications, often contradictory, dedicated to the hijacking of the MiG-25 to Japan
in 1976.

6 September 1976. at the airport Sokolivka (alternatively Saharovka) under Vladi
east in the morning started flights on the newest MiG-25P. At 12:50 (local time) from the airport to raise the plane, tail number 31 piloted by Senior Lieutenant Viktor Belenko. After climbing the plane began to fall rapidly, and soon disappeared from radar screens.

At 13:11 radar of Japanese self-defense forces in Hokkaido, spotted 200 miles west
the island of unidentified aerial target, heading toward the island at a speed of 700 km / h at an altitude of 6700m. On the interception of Chitose airbase rose couple the F-4 "Phantom". At 13:26 the object disappeared from the radar screen and the F-4 with nothing returned to the airfield. Ny unidentified object is detected at 13:52 of the civil airport of Hakodate. Above the runway at an altitude of 300m. The MiG-25 was its pilot apparently had intended to sit down, but the band was busy Boeing takes off. After a couple of "sighting" calls at 13:57 Belenko landed. The plane touched down in the middle of the runway and rolled out with a concrete strip, traveled 240m. on the ground, after covering the path of the two antennas.

It is considered that the result of theft was the replacement of all Soviet planes
Air Force recognition system "friend or foe", which took about 2 billion rubles. But there is an opinion of competent experts that by the time the system is outdated, and it and so it was necessary to change soon. What exactly was the result of theft as a sale of MiG-25 in Iraq (20 aircraft), Syria (30 cars) and Algeria since he was acquitted of export restrictions. Soon the Americans and their allies met with these MIGs in the air.

While the MiG-29 was the only machine to perform such a figure as "a bell." When developable Vania production of the MiG-29 enterprises were taken stringent measures secrecy.

Thus, in the assembly housings hung flight schedules of foreign satellites that
regulated during rollout aircraft outside the building. When towing the airfield on the MiG-29, wore fake wings and nose, making it look like the MiG-25.
Priority for admission of the MiG-29 was given to the troops districts, who opposed NATO forces in Europe.

In the night from 19 to 20 May 1988. Captain Zuyev had to step up another de
zhurstvo. The night before, he himself had baked a cake, since it bought the pharmacy sleeping pills. At the airport Zuev announced to colleagues that his wife bore him a son (in fact, it happened a few days later), and this should be noted. Only two have not tried birthday cake soldier hour and squadron commander, who prepared the documentation for the planned morning flight.

The remaining seven hypnotic poisoning was so strong that "pumped" them in intensive care. After confirming that the duty shift neutralized Zuev cut the signaling and communication cables and headed to the parking lot attendant care to get hold of the aircraft. But not pustilego hour parking. Persuasions did not help. Then Zuev moved, hid and waited for the shift change time. Again, who took the captain knew the hour and has admitted it too close. Zuev grabbed the machine started a melee. The captain pulled out a pistol and shot in time, rushed to the aircraft sounded after a long queue, but the wounded hour missed. Fighters duty managers are always with tanks tucked in full combat readiness. It was necessary only to remove the plugs from the air intake, remove the pads, pull off the covers with a flashlight. Zuyev was able to fly freely, and to protect themselves, he decided to shoot the planes duty managers. Turning, he did set their parking lot, but the gun was silent. As it turned thief, turning off the first lock, I forgot (no flight experience affected) about the second.
Seeing that the runway is already running plane squadron commander, Zuyev turned on the afterburner and went into the sea. Fugitive could not catch up.

He landed on one of the airports in Turkey and asked for political asylum. The Turks refused to extradite fugitive Soviet Union but Zuev yet appeared before a Turkish court. He pretended to be a military dissident, his arguments seemed convincing the Turkish judges and he was acquitted. One of Western newspapers ironic about this: "Those who hijacks passenger liners, called air pirates, they are judged, they are given the timing, the same who steals warplanes give political asylum."
Not wanting to spoil relations with the USSR, the Turks had already returned two days later hijacked plane, despite insistent requests of Americans to pass it to one of their bases. Zuyev was granted political asylum in the United States, and the Pentagon has concluded a contract with him for consulting


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