Access to the Ai-Petri.

And yet we have the mighty tradition of drinking. Not just drinking as such, and all accompanying entourage. Because as hard drinking, generally speaking, can not only us. Czechs, for example. Or Finns. Britons too, I tell you, not even a very stupid to light. Well, how to light? For example, under this deal, is trivial in the scoreboard squeal accidentally tucked Italian hammam or girls unpretentious walk - this, of course, yes. But, as a rule, all the ends. And then - to nurture the liver and other organ meats. Full squalor fantasy, you know. Do not have the depth of spirit and altitude.
And to decorate this process a handful of raisins or dried fruit of another - it is all our primordial. Here you do not have mediocre buhalovo. A high, do not be afraid, this call epithet art.
Do not you think, in fact, that the story that happened with the popularly beloved hero of the New Year film was about to just take and come on a fun fair to the public. Yup. On level ground. Having no analogies.
Yes to life happen and much more entertaining stories than packing in the plane of the body is not. Incidentally, it is worth noting that the most amusing and unpredictable on the developments taking place, when going to, like in that movie, all-male team. Why so? And God knows. Maybe because women bring to the course and developments lyrics and other unimportant shades, but completely kill creativity. Because a significant proportion of men thought in such circumstances are sufficient unidirectional. So to speak, the thinking center overflowing from the upper end to the lower torso.
Actually, our history is quite commonplace for this area.
So, somehow gathered three heroes to drink water fire. The reason for this was quite strong, and would not have been a special occasion - not too scary, because this is not important in the process. And this is indeed the process - the ultimate goal here is not important, but it is somehow completely unnoticed out of it and there.
Settled in detail, taking into account the importance of the moment, because haste in this matter completely useless.
So sit our heroes with dignity for life say the cases are different to remember begin gradually permeated to his companions and all great respect. Because a lot of them, is common. Much more than expected in the beginning of the conversation. Well, the fact he and informal conversation to get to know their friends, with whom life has brought you for a friendly meal.
And all proceeds calmly and kindly up to the moment when suddenly, as if out of thin air a thought. That, say, boring as it became. That is, do not think that such a sudden and cultural society, and highly spiritual conversation, but ... you know ... you want something like that. Even the word is not conveyed. And, of course, agree that yes, there is a kind of longing. Or maybe it ... sat up, or what? For Sure! - Time for a change of scenery.
Basically - the normal course. But! Follow the flight of thought and development of the plot. Is offered a fact - not from the office to the cafe in the next street to move. Not even a country pub or sauna to please his presence. No. And no again! It's all too small.
It is suggested to drink brandy in the glorious mountain Ai-Petri. There's a star and closer, and the air is cleaner, and in general. Away from the glamor, closer to the roots.
In principle, the normal. In general. Well, there are small particular. From Dnepropetrovsk. On the southern coast of Crimea. At the end of November. At 12 at night.
And as each of the forehead has at least 600-700 grams sorokogradusnuyu begins search for a man with a special machine. Well, not the shuttle, in fact, Buceo, a fantasy to life. And, quite naturally, is fast enough to each machine, which, quite regularities coincidence, ready to move out at 12 o'clock in the morning in the direction of the South. And it - mind you - not surprised time and purpose of the trip. Its people.
Team together is loaded in iron horse and famously serving to the cherished goal.
However, in a way mettle begins to decrease in inverse proportion to the distance traveled. Car. Heat. Swayed. Yes and the use of inside begins to slowly take its toll. As a result, two climbers in the back seat of the jeep cuts down powerful dream.
Under Zaporozhye, on a treacherous road junctions, steering expedition makes unintentional, but a fatal error. Instead he was going to turn right. Through the border. And stuck in the front garden.
After that, both waking unloaded the car and fro results. Two front disc - boiled, tires - in the trash, broken sump. In general, all as expected. The most it. And it is clear that you can drink cognac. But not on the Ai-Petri. Or Ai-Petri, but not today.
There is just past the tow truck rides - and cause unnecessary. Well, good luck - it is also a different kind of happens. Who lottery million won and who jumped out of the loop. And it is not that valuable.
 - Need any help? - Ask.
 - And then - meet them.
And Georgia affected vehicles on the truck. Backwards. Because how else fails. Along with never awoke from sleep athletic bodies.
And go way back.
On the way back, as the engine is not running, the car becomes pretty cool. And completely misted window. Still - a total exhaust.
And in the back seat, or cold, or even, for some reason, wakes up one of the marmots. Some time suggests sharpness - well, of course, a violation of accommodation.
And finally sees the following picture: the carrier is asleep, the visibility in all directions is zero, but the car around, going somewhere.
 - Serge, are you asleep? - Slightly trembling voice he asked the driver.
 - Sleep - Get the laconic reply.
Ochumev completely from what he saw, along with heard, awakened climber on the verge of hysteria rubs Middle piece side window. Not noticing that the machine stands on a platform, it captures only the direction of movement and a tragic whisper sets the main question:
 - Grey, why go backwards?
 - And because home!


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