Teeth on the Ai-Petri (6 photos)

Stone crown of the teeth - one of the most famous places on the mountain Ai-Petri. It consists of four large (60-80 meters) and a number of small protrusions on a rocky ridge formed by weathering of inhomogeneous reef limestones.

We also know that this place is an area where there is the greatest annual number of foggy days in Ukraine (in 1970 recorded a record - 215 days), and therefore is not always possible to take pictures of the teeth without fog. In addition, this section of the Ai-Petri plateau is the windiest place in Ukraine. The highest recorded wind speed - 50 m / s, and the maximum number of days when the wind was blowing at a speed exceeding 15 m / s - 125 in 1949.

Ai-Petri teeth against the backdrop of the cable car station, mountains Mogabi and Yalta, stretching far down

Teeth at dawn

Teeth on the background Mishora

View of the teeth on the back side - the cable car station

Source: aquatek-filips.livejournal.com


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