Treasures exist! One guy incredibly lucky! (18 photos)

In the words of the author:
On Friday evening called comrade, said on Saturday that there is one place you need to break. During the night the snow piled a bit and lower the temperature. In the morning we decided that we were going into the woods nearby, which hozheny perehozheny. We went deep into the forest, all the way to a queen of the fields. On the way back, touching his feet barely, I have lost all hope in the head one more to get to the machine, the hand falls off with neprevychki since put a new katuhu Storm 3 kg. And here is my pleasure to svisnul terochka ...

Called to the same comrade popikal their Safaricom, he says like it. It is a pity that the video can not be reset, it was something. Removing snow, shovel went in the oil and into something unpleasant shkryabnula, rolling ingot, bomb, says comrade, but do not knock he says. Started by bolotetsa wand to clean the pot I scream like ochumevshy, seemed like a coin to press pressed.

As a result, 394 silver coins of the Middle Ages. But what is most interesting, says comrade get home something to show you. On Friday night, he took the paper and wrote. Tomorrow On Saturday we dig up the treasure. Here it happens. Photos taken on the phone, successful show. Treasures, they exist!


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