Michael Weller about lying

Any system, biological or social, for its existence needs information from the outside. Bio- and sociosystem open, they exist together with the environment, as part of the whole environment. The system needs to obtain information from the outside to ensure that all of their vital needs: to maintain the desired temperature of the body, to find food, avoid threats, to support self-reproduction, etc.
Ability and desire to obtain information, analyze it and on this basis to carry out actions aimed to its survival and self-renewal - the system has an instinct.
The instinct of knowledge - an informational aspect of the life instinct. (It's scary just sounds, but it was very difficult to understand and it was nowhere to be deducted.)
This explains the "irrational" human craving for knowledge - even knowledge of things at all, at first glance, unnecessary. We do not know what may come in handy someday. But the powerful instinct of knowledge dictates know absolutely everything that you can. Among this "all" is required, there is an excess, a senseless and beautiful - but know it all valuable and interesting.
What is a lie? This is a deliberate distortion of information supplied by the project. In order to achieve the object of the reaction, it is necessary not to him, the object, and lying about the subject. Inadequate information is the result of improper action - that's understandable.
That is. People cheated out of an independent entity, acting on his own understanding in their own interests - becomes an instrument of fraud, he was acting in his judgment and in his best interests.
But! Learning about the lie, cheat comes to irritation, anger, rage, experiencing hostility and hatred of liar. His instinct of life can not deceive: the one who supplies false information to you - reduces your chances of life, reduces your chances of success, to extend the kind of happiness. Lying about you - your enemy, it is dangerous to your life, it is harmful to your interests. Generally, in principle! So says the subconscious, it does not argue.
So I hate lies. Biologically hate me shaking, I can not help myself. Liar - a villain who wants to use me. He despises my mind and spits on my desires, he humiliates me fact lies my life for him is worthless. He - the enemy.
Lying about through TV, newspapers and textbooks should take this into account. We can not agree with what is supported and justified by lies.
... What am I doing? ..


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