Cities that are completely unsuitable for life

Let's look at a small selection of the most polluted cities in which to live life threatening.

Vapi, India

Pollution of the city is connected with the activities of more than a thousand industrial plants that pollute the biosphere for its emissions, making a living in the city most of this torture and the battle for survival. City Vapi called large garbage spot, because it is more like a huge dump than a place for human habitation. Heavy metals, mercury, tens of thousands of sick people and hundreds of thousands of tons of waste. A huge percentage of congenital malformations and chronic diseases suggests that WAPI is not suitable for human habitation.

Sumgait, Azerbaijan

This city was once a center of the chemical industry of the Soviet Union, with all the ensuing consequences. More than thirty thousand people have health problems due to the fact that the soil, air and water contaminated with heavy metals. Refineries also awarded the city of oil pollution that exacerbate the already grim picture of environmental Azerbaijani Sumgait. Every year the intensity of enterprises increases and the problem of pollution from becoming more urgent.

Linfen, China

Bronchitis, lung cancer and pneumonia - all these diseases are very common in the city of Linfen. All because of the coal industry, which actively emits sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances in huge quantities. Sasser affects not only the atmosphere, but also drinking water and soil. Development of hazardous substances intensive businesses so that the air in the city turns gray from suspended particles.

La Oroya, Peru

Most of the residents of this small town suffer from illnesses associated with high blood lead levels. The concentration of this element exceeds all permissible parameters of thousands of times. This leads to disruption of the central nervous system, immune suppression and cancer. In this city, US corporations conducted extraction of copper, zinc and lead, in the course of which are huge emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Dzerzhinsk, Russia

This is the most polluted city in Russia: the level of some toxins exceeds allowable levels millions of times. In the land of Dzerzhinsk buried hundreds of thousands of tons of chemical wastes. Phenol and heavy metal contaminated water, air and soil. Its population is about two hundred thousand people, many of whom suffer from diseases linked to chemical pollution. Poor environmental conditions not only reduces life expectancy (the average life expectancy in the city is 45 years), but also the investment potential of the city. To remedy the situation, required millions of dollars that are not in the municipal budget.

Norilsk, Russia

Blacksmith Institute named Norilsk with one of the most polluted cities in the world. Production of mining industry has turned the city into a real ecological hell. The volume released into the atmosphere millions of tons of waste are, which can not but affect the health of residents. In addition, the pollution is visible to the naked eye: the sky is often black snow falls, are acid rain, and the air smells of sulfur. Norilsk is compatible with virtually no living man in it, but nevertheless there are hundreds of thousands of residents.

Kabwe, Zambia

The city is an industrial center in Zambia - it is carried out mining operations, resulting in the release of critical masses of toxins and heavy metals into the atmosphere. This amount of toxic substances such as lead, zinc, phenols. The content of harmful substances in the body exceeds the rate of thousands of times, resulting in terrible irreversible effects: blood disorders, muscle atrophy, diseases

Gaina (Haina), the Dominican Republic

This town is in the south of the Dominican Republic. The main element is infecting lead, the number of potentially sick people is about one hundred thousand people. Gaina is the world's leading manufacturer of automotive batteries. Since the equipment in the factory obsolete, it leads to process upsets and the release of large amounts of waste into the atmosphere. Congenital malformations, mental illness and eye problems - all this fee Gaina life in the city.



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