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In the heart of Frankfurt, a shopping complex, which is called MyZeil. Faired MyZeil dotted
thirteen thousand triangular glass panels of various sizes. But the main and basic features
project are two hollow "whirlpool" or "canyon", as they are called the architect himself.

This strange building is part of the ensemble of the new building Palais Quartier. Find this building just enough to come to the main shopping street called the Zeil.

One of the "whirlpools" binds all tiers of the building, as if luring into the building from the roof of his shell. The second "maelstrom" connects the main facade and roof, and the connection is made, so that through it you can see a piece of heaven.

In addition to these visual "amusement», MyZeil famous for the fact that it is the longest in Germany, the 46-meter interior escalator connecting the first and fourth floors. And this, as we know, the main public spaces of the building: the first tier shopping mall is a continuation of the street space, through pedestrians can cut off the angle between Zeil and neighboring Eshenhaymer-Strasse, while the fourth is a spacious "restaurant Boulevard."

So, visiting MyZeil, you can kill "a few rabbits": enjoy an unusual design, a ride on the longest escalator in Germany and eat in the restaurant.

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