Assembling of Chinese cars in Russia

If you still believe Chinese cars are cheap and worthwhile alternative to the normal brand of car, then look on as they are going at a plant in Russia.

The only reason that people buy Chinese cars - their cheapness. Today I want to show you an interesting photos from the plant in Kaliningrad, which are assembled these "one-off" of Chinese cars. Why disposable? If you are still having this issue, look at any krashtest or simply the effects of an accident with other cars.

Parking is aligned with the bodywork assembly kits.
What is an assembly kit, you ask?
The answer, when major parts assembly brought almost assembled cars,
on-site assembly and simply collect it all together.

Unloading engines

Here we are in the territory, sorting and unloading of components and assemblies.

It is defective, broken, and generally so-so engines

But the new packed engines

Assembled front brakes, will not talk about quality, it is always on top

View of the warehouse from another point

Go to the conveyor,

It uses a common assembly line, as well as on all cars,
the method of collecting such large-component assembly.

That this machine cut into the number and VIN number

Install the rear seats, and all trim

A bunch of new shock absorbers, genuine Chinese nouneym, not some fake

Bumper waiting their turn

Speaking of working, guys and girls, friendly and sociable,
and they do not know its strange thing. But we have introduced in Russia,
salaries are ridiculous 15-25 tr a very hard work, instead plus bonuses, some penalties

Constant velocity joints and their ilk

Finishing line and "dosborki" motors, stern and very difficult way
guys minders, told a lot of funny stories about these engines

And this is the point of collection, the frame to which the engine will set ...

Put ...

The next engine in line hangs

Put the rack ...

And here it is collected miracle that you need to plug into.

Putting collect, do not sit on the ground

We are going to stick in the back of the engine.

Do so on the cart with a jack-assembled drive up front,
and above it rises the body, engine lift and secure the

Glushakov waiting for installation

Ladies graded optics and rudders

Before "sticking", the engine verifies every millimeter

In a way, the engine, it is time to put in place ...

Fasten fasten ...

Begin to fix hoses, tubes and pipes (pictured fasten the brake hose)

Rear suspension, soon will find its place ...

Here now, almost almost

We begin installing exhaust system

Cloud catalysts

Put the exhaust - two

Put the exhaust - three

Put the exhaust - four

Go to the attainment of "personsĀ»

Do two

Do three

Well, almost ready

Of course, we need to fill a lot of liquids - tormozuhu,
various oils, antifreeze and benzene ...

Here it is the line oil distribution


And at the finish similarity collapse


That friendly systems in cars waiting for sending Russian cities

But as you know, no stocks, we can not,

or is such

or are these

therefore he has -

Super nano technology of repair
(like macaws tuning studio, but with good facilities)




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