The parade of historical clubs in Sevastopol

June 5 in Sevastopol took the traditional Day of the Historical Boulevard, which usually begins celebrations to mark the Day of the city. As part of the celebration, a parade procession of military-historical clubs in the central streets of the city - participants of the parade passed by the monument to Catherine II the historic boulevard. In honor of this event the city center for a few hours was closed to traffic of any transportation. At the parade there were about 100 uniformitarians of Sevastopol, Simferopol and Kiev. After the parade, the event moved to the center of the ditch 4th bastion, where the reconstruction of the battle between Russian and French troops during the first heroic defense of Sevastopol

Russian infantry mid-19th century

Red Army soldier sample 1944

Construction of clubs before the parade

Italy, mid-14th century

No way, the commander of amphibious assault

Cavalry units the Great Patriotic War


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