Memo inexperienced motorist

I advise all motorists that recently got behind the wheel, take a note on this collection of rules that you do not talk in a driving school. Read.

1. The track, turn left. You stand and miss oncoming cars. Do not remove the advance wheel to the left. Strike back and you're dead under the wagon. Hold the steering wheel just right.

2. You grabbed the roadside or snow Brewster left (for example, near a separation in the prospectus) or right (curb). Kill a instinct to pull the steering wheel in the opposite direction. Stranglehold steering, without changing the position of the feet on the gas pedal, compensate pulling to one side. Auto will lose speed and will return to the road. Do not try, by all means, seek the road, you snapped in the opposite direction.

3. Be careful when passing the long corners at the inner radius (for you internally to counter external). If the counter vehicle traveling on the outer radius will begin to skid, it does not go into the ditch, and in 90% of cases after the convulsive movements of the oncoming driver, he will fly to you in the forehead. Mistakenly more afraid of oncoming vehicles traveling on the inner radius, as a rule, their ends on the side of a skid. Although anything can happen. Carefully need to protracted. If you head on flying cars, the best solution is a ditch.

4. When rebuilt, the Accelerate!

5. Do not ride on the "neytralke" You lose the ability to accelerate and brake is not always a way out. (You can get a sledge value .... With your car)

6. Do not brake in a turn. In turn only controlled acceleration.

7. Always leave a fallback. For example, in doubt overtaking, going to the "oncoming" and taschis back until you are 100% sure that you can overtake. And if, then return to your lane.

8. Making chess overtaking on the track and wedging into the flow extinguish speed of the oncoming lane. One of the most common mistakes when overtaking column at considerable speed, the driver, seeing that does not have time, start cutting into your lane, and at the same time very slow. And there is a rut ... and "meat" begins ...... around full of cars, and it dragged. Once again - to equalize the speeds into oncoming traffic! At the same time, but 1,000 times safer!

9. If you see that the counter machine does not have time to overtake, turn right "turn signal" and pressed against the side of the road ADVANCE. Do not blink lights, there may be a person first day behind the wheel.

10. If the car blows / pushes act firmly and smoothly without any fuss. The process does not develop instantly and accordingly does not like sudden and convulsive movements. (as in the drive to do what is written more than once) and learned that such demolition and skidding, and what actions need to be taken on different drives. Desperate situations, only one is in the front skid drive downhill, in all other cases, can be corrected.

11. You may also want to find a large flat area, and try your car in extreme braking and acceleration. Shake, feel the limit. Anything with your car does not happen.

12. Do not rely on a system of exchange rate stabilization in the rain. If failure happens, and you will float (aquaplaning effect), the system will help you. It is trite "does not understand" what is happening. In general, do not rely on it. It is certainly a thing! And it will help in most cases, the electronics are not perfect.

13. If the car "antibuks" is not tied to a single button ESP, then turn it off. It is always bad! (On monoprivode) Especially if you will be going to rush to the start of a sharp intersection. Home is not so sharp))

14. If you are flying with the wind on the left row, and on the "oncoming" traffic jam, then every car you'll get a fun suicide as a pedestrian, for which - "look on, all standing, track'll move on, buy a beer, catch up"

15. You're flying, on the left row, and on the right are all slowly or go? They are idiots. Pass the pedestrian. He was happy to break your windshield with his head. Che already there. You had served a couple of years, and he will die. Unmatched loss! Humor in paragraph 14 and 15 black. But one conclusion. A pedestrian is always right, and human life is most important. From mistakes no one is immune, but be careful!

16. On the side of a man with a child or children. Brake. No options. Brakes. Seen once with my own eyes. The scent helped me. And no neighbors downstream. 4 years old. Girl. And her grandmother was holding the handle. You know how little kids running around? Absurdly, shake handles, all the relatives at home on such sentimental. That's absurd, right under the WHA 2109. He called an ambulance. Saved !!!

17. Animals on the road or unexpected obstacles in the form of wheels, bags, etc. The very experienced, but recently groomed dog. (60 km / h empty middle stripe on the avenue of the 3 bands, a dog ran out of the darkness at full speed across the path. It is not difficult to calculate that the reaction time of less than 0, 5 sec, ie, with no options.). Called MOE that would be pulled out of the bumper. Reviewed recording video recorder. No chance. The options were not. I do not brake. Too bad dog, but jerked straight under the wheels. What I ... keep cool. Before save psinka, be sure not to "ushataete" a couple of columns, an adjacent car and a pedestrian on the roadside. And doggie fun run on, and you ... yes, I saw a video recently where a dog rescued at the cost of his life.

18. The rate of all causes. Show me the accident, about which we can not say - "Damn, went to a little slower, and nothing would have happened!" (Exotic types forgot to put the handbrake on, does not count)
Be careful on the roads.


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