Taxes are different

Recently I had a post about the absurdities in the field of taxation. There are, however, examples of the reverse order. Very thoughtful, though not quite familiar to us taxes.
For instance, a Romanian student studying in Germany, by order of the authorities to pay the tax for the sale of their virginity. Tax amounted to half of the amount received.
Alina Perch trained in Germany in higher education, and visa girl gives her the right to work in any way. Her virginity she put up for auction and get paid for it ten thousand euros. 45-year-old winner she liked and Alina averse to meet him in the future, but for free. According to the girl, an Italian businessman looks younger than his age and has good looks. The German tax authorities carried the girl to act earnings by means of the body. And since it is in Germany, is not a crime, the girl was obliged to pay the tax only. In contrast to the process, failure to pay tax on the income of a crime, so she will have to do this in order not to have problems with the authorities.


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