Presidential Decree "On renaming of a number of objects on the territory of the Russian Federation"



About renaming of a number of objects on the territory of the Russian Federation

In commemoration of the Crimea to the Russian Federation and in order to bring the country's name in line with its silhouette on the world map, rename the Russian Federation in Kryssiyu. Stop using the name of the state the word "Federation" as not corresponding to the current reality. Apply the new name of the State in all official documents, including archives.

In order to harmonize the Russian language, and in the reflection of the essence of a new national idea supported by the majority of the population derive from the use of the word "Russian" and replace it with the word "Krysyanin" (w. Krysyanka, pl. Krysyane).

Prohibit the territory Kryssii including the Internet, which the government considers too Kryssii Kryssii territory, the use of the word "Raska" offensive to the majority krysyan. Permissible use of the word "cover" when the topic of conversation is the economic situation, foreign policy or long-term prospects, and the words "Krysko" if that is unlikely topic of conversation are social obligations, human rights and rule of law.

President Vladimir Putin Kryssii

The Kremlin, Moscow, Chamber of number 6
April 1, 2014
Welcome to new reality, amigos y amigas

PS: Here are some krysyane express the idea that we say - agents of the State Department are experiencing due to the loss of the Crimea. Frankly, Crimea would also like to chop off. However, we are quite satisfied with the status quo:
 - Control of the Ukrainian gas transport system smoothly passed into the hands of Uncle Sam
 - It's Uncle Sam will be very helpful to promote its hydrocarbons since 2015go year
 - Construction of South Stream stopped. So that forty percent of the gas you want - do not want to have to supply through Ukraine.
 - And here is the construction of other pipelines is underway. As the construction of LNG terminals
 - Left the country of forty under Russian control
 - As a result, you can forget about the idea of ​​the Eurasian Union. Now is the union of freeloaders. Russia is fast becoming a regional power
 - As a result, the Customs Union will not bring the desired results. To liberalize trade needs existence thereof
 - Sevastopol bay and my native Black Sea Fleet is within reach of tactical missiles.
 - The process of diversification of oil and gas supplies to Europe will get a second wind.
 - Russia has to get involved in an arms race
 - Check out the capable people resumed

Take your consolation prize.
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