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Few of the animals to whom a person is guilty as before the black cat. And all because of his foolish superstitions associated with the fear of the dark. In the darkness of the cave times directly associated with death - after stalking predator imperceptible to the two-legged victim ... if not life-saving fire. A black cat is not visible at night - just hear busy meowing, but two eyes burn ...

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If you think that such a murderous superstition associated with the Middle Ages, you are mistaken. In Italy alone every year go missing 60 thousand cats. About one and a half thousand, mainly black color are killed on the streets of only three Italian cities - Rome, Milan and Turin. A particularly deadly for animals is the night of All Saints from October 31 to November 1. Because the Italian association for the protection of the environment and animals declared November 17 (itself unlucky day, according to the initiators) Happy black cats.

For dominant in most mammals, including cats, gray coat color meet the two pigments: eumelanin and pheomelanin, respectively, giving a yellow and black colors. Once arisen mutation due to violation of the distribution of pheomelanin and led to the emergence of black felines.

For decades, we have the image of a black cat way directly associated with the black panther Bagheera cartoon "Mowgli". But what a funny thing: in the original, that is, novel by Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book" display a black leopard, a male. A magical transformation occurred in the classical Russian translation, and finally consolidate Roman Davydov animation and voice acting Lyudmila Kasatkina. Do not count how many black cats were nicknamed Bagheera.

Night camouflage black cats allegedly made them excellent hunters of rodents, which in medieval cities, not only devastated crops and food stores, but also carried the plague, that in those years amounted to a weapons of mass destruction. Who knows ... if not for cats, including black, Europe would be completely depopulated, and it would have to re-colonize ...

And what about black cats thanked people? Inquisition because of color, luminous eyes and night life and accusing themselves and their mistresses of links with the evil force. On the day of St. John the black cats staged autos. However, if a black cat is at least one white hair, it is interpreted in favor of leaving her alive. So here's savage way in the life of black cats intervened artificial selection.

But there is a happy omens associated with black cats. For example, in the British Isles. If the Briton finds a black cat sits peacefully on the porch, he will rejoice: because he was waiting for wealth and good fortune. And if a black cat sits next to the Englishman, to be head of the family, even if it is single. In Scotland, a black cat, who visited the house, brings wealth and prosperity. In Plaid, has a black cat, will not rebound from the fans. The Irish thought luck black cat crossing the road or entering the house.

The black cat has played an interesting role in the development of the labor movement in the United States. In the early XX century, in fact, became the first American trade union organization "IWW" associated with anarchism, rather, to anarcho-syndicalism, which is associated with the color black. It tells the story, it all started with a failed first strike. Once in the camp wandered striking skinny black cat. Workers began to feed her. It's amazing: as soon as the cat began to recover, the strike also gained momentum, and eventually won. Since then, a black cat - a symbol of anarchists and radical protests.

Any strange phenomenon to be explained. For example, why in the city of black cats is clearly more than in small cities, towns and villages? Agriculture superstition? Social research has not confirmed this. Contamination of the environment as an artificial background, helping to disguise? To protect - is unlikely, but for hunting - completely. Furthermore, the pollution in the black wool imperceptibly, while the coat of another color would have to lick. But the precise answer to the question was not received.

Another assumption survivability of black cats in the cities they are more resistant to stress, exercise more friendly to man, quickly get used to their neighborhood. That is, the fastest in a complex social infrastructure of urban life. Why is this happening? Rumor has it that this - one of the side effects of the preemptive eumelanin in the absence of other pigments. And no otherworldly forces got nothing to do with it, probably ...

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