Break through the encirclement

The vote in the UN General Assembly on the resolution does not recognize the Crimean referendum and condemn the actions of Russia in the Crimea, and the outcome of the vote once again showed that about any real international isolation of Russia can not speak

For the adoption of resolution 100 delegations voted in favor, 11 against, 58 more formally abstained, while the remaining 24 simply not vote. In Ukraine and the West immediately started talking about the fact that the vote demonstrated the isolation of Russia. Special mention honored with a list of 10 countries that appeared in our allies: Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Nicaragua, North Korea, Syria, Sudan. They have already called "10 Putin's friends" (by analogy with the famous American film "Ocean's 11»).

But in reality, the vote showed that friends from Russia much more. The lion's share abstention took this position because they support Russia, but can not afford to vote "against" and to spoil relations with the United States. That is why the series of abstentions and no votes are countries such as China, India and Brazil. Iran, Turkey, South Africa, Vietnam, Egypt, Pakistan, Argentina. Many of these countries with pleasure watching how Russia's actions in Crimea actually destroy the West imposed rules of conduct that all but the West had to be respected. Moreover, a number of states that voted in favor of the resolution, stressed not going to take any serious sanctions or to aggravate relations with Russia. In particular, one such country was Japan. Not to Tokyo has sought to establish relations and to strengthen economic ties now to ruin them for Kiev.

In total, the countries did not support anti-Russian resolution, home to more than 4.53 billion people, representing about 65% of the population. This resolution was adopted by a whisker votes - it was necessary 97 votes "for" and voted 100. It is clear that such a situation - if it is not a victory for Russia, then at least a draw.

P.S. For some reason, Alaska has not yet decided to support the Crimea !!))



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