Device for zastёgivaniya boots and 9 more completely useless inventions

Aaron Harrell inspired probably Marty McFly shoes from the movie "Back to the Future", but his unit was not an example of a more cumbersome. The invention includes a gas cylinder hidden in the sole of a pneumatic piston and lever presses buckles to boot.

Device to facilitate delivery by centrifugal force

This contraption would look better in a training center for astronauts than in the hospital. By the aggregate tied woman in childbirth, and he turns at a speed of 82 revolutions per minute, pushing the baby into the daylight. Process is responsible for the safety of a special controller that will not allow the car to accelerate too quickly, as well as special mesh - she catches a departing baby. For forty years the miracle invention is not bought any one hospital.

Cushion, combined with a protective helmet

Wonderful cushion should help his owner to survive a plane crash. It is necessary to pull it down - and you can prepare for a collision with the ground, in full awareness of their security. She has even two ribbon to tie on the chin. When dimensional turbulence gradually go into a steep corkscrew - do not forget to get your feather hat.

Coffee with nicotine composition

Inventor Stephen Fortune crossed two of mankind's greatest weakness - coffee and cigarettes. Sleep has not been canceled, but it will need much less after you drink a patented brew.

Entertainment apparatus for kicking own buttocks with manual drive

Mechanism established zeal inventor Joe Armstrong is equipped with hand pedals driving the pinwheel. At the wheel is located behind the user, secured four shoe that during one revolution of pedals kick it four times lower sacrum.

Musical instrument, spewing flames

If you want to highlight a little his game on the tube, you can simply attach it to spray the fuel gas and the ignition button. What could be simpler!

A device for obtaining fresh air


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