Young, germinating Kiso

Author: Sea chumazik crying to us about the ridiculous circumstances, when, instead of pink yablofona universe helpfully slipped sonarik not the first freshness. But before unzipped his fly, talking about completely different.

Harmony still does not sleep and where there departed and arrived and managed to get hold of the soap dish instead managed to get hold of photographic equipment Nonas. Immediately Mademoiselle shows us his credo: "With eyes wide open, even in the solarium ..." This may be explained by the white circles under the eyes to face with smoked zhelezochkoy.

And this special favor of diversity, therefore, demonstrates the broad spectrum of colors used to create doubts amazing and rich depth of imagery. As you might expect limited palette of white, pink and almost transparent.

And how unlucky not to finish the regular webcam pieces that lady And this has in its less than 20 years. After all, she owes her floating vertically eyebrows - from very surprised to "mamanyaavynesilnodochesvoeybantyzatyanuli?»

Mrs is not shy of art. And clearly demonstrates symbiosis of Warhol's work and noney leaf monkeys that refuse to listen, talk, and look something decent probably more. Materials are the same dull background, pink plush, and a collection of nail polish picture above.

Jerked at the forefront of art, we are mindful of the roots. Therefore, reduction of nasolabial folds like a vise are clear, our beloved dakfeys.


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