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The concept car Chrysler ME 412 reaches 100 km / h in 2, 9 seconds. Until now, such a result was only available superbikes and dragsters ... Americans themselves their offspring is called the Four-Twelve, «four to twelve." There is in this combination some dynamics, neglecting the generally accepted rules and even a hint of aviation.
Bort 4-12, allowed off & quot ;. This mid-engined car with rear-wheel drive is able to overclock to beat not only the cars, but many superbikes. For example, a distance of a quarter of a mile, starting from the scene, he is able to pass only 10, 6 seconds - a good result even dragster. While the new Chrysler - only a road builder. However, from the category of supercars. Frankly pleases, and its top speed - 400 km / h. This is the official data. Machines with such abilities fit to give the title with two prefix "super".

Let us study more closely Four-Twelve. Special discussion deserve the engine. Not surprisingly, this had better at the moment six-liter V12 from AMG, experts finalized Chrysler. Power all-aluminum engine with two turbochargers and sequential fuel injection - 850 bhp at 5750 rev / min. Torque - 1150 Nm in the range from 2500 to 4500 rev / min. And it is strategically positioned in the base car weighing 1310 kg! It is easy to calculate and understand the power-that Chrysler ME 412, it is even better in its class.

Transmission is also difficult - 7-speed Ricardo manual transmission with double clutch. The rate of transmission of the torque to the rear wheel after the switch is only 200 milliseconds!
It is clear that the body supercar created using the most advanced technologies and materials. Carbon monocoque is built on the principle of a honeycomb. The deformation zones reinforced aluminum frames. Suspension, steering and brake systems directly from the concept can be rearranged on the racing car - everything in sports. The front suspension with aluminum double levers, horizontally opposed dampers with electronically controlled compression. Sharp steering - from stop to stop only 2, 4 turns, brake discs of carbon-ceramic diameter of 381 mm and 6-piston calipers ... In general, everything is super. The wheels are not inferior: the size of the front 19h10 inches (tires 265 / 35ZR19), rear - 20h12, 5 (tires 335 / 30ZR20).
Even the creators of the car speak of him with admiration. The fact is that before the completion of the project, which lasted for about a year - from the idea to the finished car - they were divided into small groups of highly specialized, and many saw the whole car only at the end of work. «ME 412 became one of the most guarded secrets, not only in relation to the outside world, but also in the organization - said Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President of the company. - The idea of ​​this machine was a continuation of the concept Dodge Tomahawk, shown last year. The difference is that Tomahawk was the first design refinements, and ME 412 combines great design with high-end engineering solutions. "

Another representative of the company - Wolfgang Bernhard - spoke about the new concept of emotional: "Here all we have learned, creating cars that excite and cause the desire to possess them." It seems that this phrase is no exaggeration.



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