Saturday brevity

-You Offended?
No, you. I just now for the ax'll run

Dale Carnegie new book, "How to get rid of friends purchased using the previous book»

If the thought is born a long time, comes the boss and makes cesarean

If money is measured in groups, I have a pit

The money I earned, I have enough for life, if I die today at 15-45

-Don't Tell me how to get to the hospital?
-And On the same street in the evening walk - be sure to get

The teacher - a woman who once believed that loves children

We have to work very steep printer, judging by the sounds, he grinds the wood and paper produced ...

Only Russian people can drink a hundred grams of appetite so that after the three days on the food will not be able to watch.

The main thing in life - not to give yourself a chalk circle!


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