He was going to Odessa, but came to Kherson

Familiar parents took good friend from Kiev to the village near Chernigov. Drove, podharchilsya and the back left. Morning. Dense fog. Well, nothing is going slowly. 20. Stops kilometers traveled valiant servant of GAI.
Documents usual for the time of day procedure breathe. And then, as if by chance a person interested in a cap, they say, which way you hold, my dear?
Familiar lightweight loss (really, why would such an interest), but, nevertheless, says that in Kiev and pulls his hand over documents.
 - Just in Kiev? - Asks about each road.
-Just-Accurately. Yes, you look at the numbers.
 - Come on 10 hryvnia. (Road tax is to increase the penalties)
 - ??? You can find out what?
 - Come on, you will not regret.
Familiar figured that kind and sad for no reason, but already seized by a curiosity. He hands the bill Knight of Wands, well that and gives him:
 - Dude, Kiev in the other direction. Here the border can already doplyunut


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