Secrets of Kiev,

Kiev know everything. Laurel, Khreshchatyk, Hagia Sophia, Vladimir Hill, etc. etc. The list of great ...
But there are places, even those new to the indigenous people of Kiev. I'll try to list the most interesting ...

The destroyer on the island
Rybalsky He also monitor "Zheleznyakov" ship of legend.

Basic information about its history and its characteristics can be read in the same place, on the plaque, but you need to go there not behind this.
The location is good in that: firstly, the ship can be free to climb, and secondly, to Rybalsky island is almost always quiet, it is a pleasure and sunbathing (on concrete slabs) and swing (in a swing that is always empty), and swim (in the river, which is not always clean, but close). from the street. Lower shaft collapse at the cable-stayed bridge

Monument to Alexander II
The only surviving pre-revolutionary time in Kiev monument to the work of the Romanov family member Mark Antokolsky can be seen from the window of the second floor of the museum. In the courtyard you can get there with the help of gracious caretaker, guardian or mild interest on the pretext of alleged scientific work. Before the revolution, Alexander II stood on a pedestal, which now - Taras Shevchenko in the same park. (So ​​many people think, but he stood near the building of the Merchants' Assembly (now Philharmonic), and the park was Nicholas I - prim.myg2001) Courtyard of the Museum of Russian Art Street. Tereschenkivska 9

Cell with crows
Their name is Cyril, and Carlos Corbin. They live in a huge cage in an ordinary court in the city center. Residents of the yard, as well as their many guests take care of them and compose legends about where these birds come from here. Having been near the cage a few times, you can hear a completely different story. st. Reitarska 9, in the yard.

Elevator per
According to the information given by the old woman, who has lived in this house all my life, lift was placed on the order of an important minister in 50 years. The minister believes that the large elevators threaten its security, preferring to ride from one floor alone. Elevator is really tiny, it can fit together only if you aspire to real intimacy. st. Proreznaya.

House Wells
With Peter, in this sense Kiev compete funny. As far as is known, houses, wells in Kiev for two. The house is sandwiched between the streets Gorodetsky and Stanislavsky, built in the shape of a square, that is, if it will get to the attic, you can go around the perimeter of the house. Another, designed on the same principle, is on the street. Tereschenkivska exactly behind the monument to Shevchenko. st. Gorodetsky 12/3 Street. Tereschenkivska 13

Monument single mother
Who came up with this bleak monument set near the central registry office, is unknown. Nevertheless, it is there, a single woman with a child, his loneliness, and challenging the newlyweds in the registry office, and prosperous families, chewing hamburgers in a nearby McDonald's. Central Registry Office, etc.. Victory, 11

Parachute Tower
Marvellous building, where long ago no one jumps, since there seemed to be broken daughter of the head of the nomenclature. Today parachute tower - just one more reason to go to Truhanov island, walk through the woods and swim. Truhanov island

Museum locomotive near
Small, kind of toy locomotive called "sheep" (Series S) is a hundred meters from the entrance to the recreation center KPI. The building, which stands sideways locomotive - State Polytechnic Museum, a huge exhibition on the development of art in Ukraine. In the Informatics and Space, for example - the first Russian telephone station in 1886, the first "Zaporozhets" lamp gramophone, gramophones, TVs with small screen as a matchbox, the earliest computer the size of a house, printing presses and planes - all hand-made, that drives, swims, flies and thus rattles, clanks and grinds. The museum opened to the 100th anniversary of the Polytechnic (14 September 1998), Leonid Kuchma. They say, in honor of his visit to the crack in a tile hand painted over white corrector.

Pylon with Gorky in the subway "University"
The first section of the Kiev metro - just a little more than 5 km - between the stations "Vokzalnaya" and "Dnepr" was opened in 1960. People riding on the case and just look. Then out of the station "University" opened right in the Botanical Garden of the University. A reminder of this in the lobby were incredible magnitude kalanchoe, begonias and cacti. In the lower hall is still looking out niches in pink marble pylons eight plaster busts of the Ukrainian and Russian cultural figures. It is known that printed on the marble slab under Maxim Gorky pebbles and shells are like the back plate to the cretaceous period - and this is not the Museum of Geology of the Academy of Sciences, and just. Metro "University".

The house with the cats on Gogol
This century-old 4-storey asymmetrical building is wrongly attributed Gorodetsky. Huge lancet window at the bottom of the right wing guards couple of cats-reliefs on the second floor fashioned frightening human muzzle near the staircase windows - owl and over the muzzle. All this modern home port: a pompous and stupid road, and too conspicuous bronze plaque and Euro windows in the left wing. A bust of the scientist-mechanic Stepan Tymoshenko appears just appropriate. And on the 4th floor, to the right, until 1995, he lived a remarkable satirist Garik Conn with his grandmother and ficus in tubs. st. Gogol, 23

Moscow bridge
People with a certain skill and some crazy, climb the gallery under the pillars of the bridge and get over this way from one coast to another. For a less drastic guaranteed at least a new perspective on seemingly familiar structure.

Children's Railway
Network special narrow-gauge railway was built in the USSR in 1953, the Day of the railwayman (August 2). This was done to motivate these children do not toy, couplers, rail-wagons locomotives. Students from the age of 12, and now there are learning to shunting dispatchers, conductors and drivers. Wearing a form of South-Western Railway, they run the engine between the stations "Cherry" and "Apple Tree" and a 100-meter railway bridge through a steep ravine, the path service and two staff from the mini-locomotive and four cars. According to ticket stubs believe volume of passenger traffic: perhaps it is the anniversary year you will be the 5 millionth passenger.

Kiev Athos
Despite the existence of the address, the landscape called "Kitaevskaya deserts" sought not easy. We must move on the avenue. Sciences (from the station "Lybidskaya" to the bus ride Korchuvate, or car, or even on a bicycle) to the street Kitayevskaya, and then follow literally ringing. There's always ringing.

Because there are two churches (Trinity, in a typical Ukrainian Baroque style, built Kovnir Simon, author also of the whole street in Laurel) and another building, which most recently lived and worked Templars. And under it all - caves remaining from the underground monastery of the XIV century. And around - a chain of natural lakes in the shape of a horseshoe, from which fountains beat springs on the bottom if whales are hiding. And over the semicircular mountain lakes - you can walk and walk.

Candles chestnuts Ukrainian Madonna and head whether adult Mowgli, whether tractor posted on the wall of the building of the West Museum, Vladimir Ovchinnikov, who was director at the museum until 1978. It is said that he was engaged in this every day from 7 in the morning, for my own pleasure and his own money. It is clear that Ovchinnikov would like to have seen all the mosaic, but nowhere, except for the patio of the museum, he was not allowed to work. But thanks to this circumstance unimaginable characters are still alive. Courtyard of the Museum of Western and Eastern Art. Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko entrance through a gate house №17 on the street. Tereschenkivska;

Gargoyle on the Great Zhitomir
Patrons have not only selected areas of Kiev, but in some streets. So patron st. Most of Zhytomyr is a gargoyle, which "looks" from the facade of her house №8. Gargoyle - drakonovidnaya snake, according to the legend, lives in France, in the river Seine. It is with great force spewed water, turning fishing boats and flooding homes. Arriving in Kiev, gargoyle-old kinder. If you look below, you can see that it is even a slight smile. By the way, the gargoyle - is a chimera, unlike Kiev House with Chimeras, where instead of chimeric animals in which the architect Gorodetsky hunting in Africa.
There are several versions of why the architect Bobrusov planted chimera on his house. One of them says that in this way he is proud of his creation, would like to thank the thoughtful citizens who admired his house. According to another version, the owner of the house - Rogowski - fond of Ouija and held them exclusively in the room, side by side with the mysterious gargoyle.

Another monument to the mother and child.
At the intersection of Tereshchenko and Leo Tolstoy is a children's hospital. "So what, you say - you never know in Kyiv hospitals?" But that - special. In the courtyard of the hospital is an unusual monument. At first glance - nothing special: a woman with a child. But the posture of heroes unwittingly cause a smile. It seems that the mother was going to spank the kid. But the child does not miss.

Giraffes at Vladimir.
Giraffes - not the most typical representatives of fauna of Kiev, but they can be found in the yard, in the street, Vladimir. Most likely, architects and artists are located Architectural Union wanted from time to time to divert his attention from the buildings they design and look at something mundane. This worldly and became four luxurious pink giraffe, which they painted on the wall in front of their windows. Turning the corner you can see a different picture - summer landscape.

ischo something

Pelikany.V two patios - on Lutheran and B. Vasylkivska - settled for exotic local places pelicans. Pelicans have taken root in the city - turned in city fountains.

The world's only monument to the garbage truck is located in Kiev, close to the cemetery Berkovtsy. Employees of the Kiev KP "Spetstrans" justifiably believe that the "scavenger also deserves a monument - the garbage truck will enhance the prestige of employees of sanitary cleaning". That put it in 2004 on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the glorious Kievspetstransa and the 10th anniversary of the Ukrainian association of automobile enterprises of sanitary cleaning of the territory of the host machine sample 60s, most of which the city has been replaced by newer models.

Monument to the first Ukrainian cars - ZAZ-965 - "humpbacked" Zaporozhets - can be found near the building of the road College, where he engaged in the study and design

One of the most original equestrian monuments of Kiev is considered to be a monument to the defenders of the borders of Ukraine, who recently adorns one of the squares of the city. First, the sculptor made a mess with the proportions of a little horse - an impression that the Cossack, a symbol of the defense of borders, sitting on a pony. Second, the tail of a horse raised - ask any lover of horses, in which cases the horse lifts the tail. And thirdly, creating the illusion that the rider sat up in his stirrups - one problem, something no stirrups.

Monument to the Nose.

One of the newest memorials in Kiev, which appeared in July last year on St. Andrew descent. This is not an ordinary nose, but most of Nikolai Gogol.
According to rumors, here, on Andrew's descent, next to the building on which the bronze nose appeared, Gogol had the idea of ​​the story "The Nose." It is known to have belonged to Major Kovalev's nose, and he was not walking on St. Andrew's, and along Nevsky in St. Petersburg, where, by the way, set the twin brother of the Kiev memorial sign. Kiev has guides tell visitors stories about that for a second-hand Kiev nose, it can be easy to get rid of the common cold.

All comrades, watch and enjoy as tourists and Come and envy, all meet vso show

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