Popovich: Without a doubt, "Right sector" works in the Kremlin

Ph.D., professor, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Miroslav Popovic said that the actions of the activists of the party "Right Sector" benefit of Russia, which wants to represent Ukraine "as a territory of fascism."

He noted that the Kremlin is very important to hide from the world the real objectives pursued by Ukraine.

"It so happened that Ukraine - the most powerful after the Russian state on the territory of the former USSR and Ukraine today at the forefront of the struggle for democracy, freedom and solidarity former oppressed. And Russia is headed by authoritarian forces worldwide. It is no coincidence her first allies are Syrian dictator (Bashar al-Assad. - Gordonua.com) and North Korea, "- said Popovic.

"That is why it is important to Moscow to represent Ukraine as a territory of fascism, in which everything is subordinated to the interests of any unknown layers of the population, which includes the fascists and Bandera. Everything is done to discredit our country, "- he added.

In this regard, stressed the philosopher, "no doubt" the right sector "works in the Kremlin».

"I do not know to what extent, and whether it is possible to speak literally, but what does" the right sector, "the advantage of Russia", - he concluded.


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