Briefly on Wednesday

if a nuclear missile to attach the chalk "Masha" die even cockroaches.

Boris Grebenshikov grown in Jamaica a new album.

Locate and destroy the legendary library Darya Series

 - Ckazhi honest! I gained weight?
 - Really? You Jam!

I'm not jealous, he just really better without teeth!

What will you do when he comes End of the World? ..
 - We are in Russia. He will not come here. He will come here

Sorry, I can not see you here. Are you there furious?

Masha went to the porch ... I realized that to do it there, in principle, nothing!

No, not prickly hedgehog, but thumps in black

- Describe yourself!
- Warm fur, half a bucket down and perky merry eyes.

American Armenians call themselves require ara-Americans

George Bush has stabilized IQ.

Alexander Novikov promised kiss of Philip Kirkorov, if he shoot himself


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