In the stomach, you can survive!

The dog's owner, 27-year-old Jackson Crews, a professional rugby player, said, "went to feed the dog food and baking residues from the table, and began to throw the dog noticed a toad. The dog, too, noticed it, thought it was a pie, and swallowed it ».

He called the clinic and got directions to quickly bring the dog to the vet. They began to induce vomiting, but only went out pieces of food. Only at the second attempt, she spit the toad. Employees of the clinic were amazed that the dog and toad survived. After toad recovered from the experience, it decided to call the "Burp».

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Cane toads have poisonous patches on the skin and can kill a dog or cat, trying to eat them. They have repeatedly been the cause of death of tens of thousands of wild animals that tried to bite them - crocodiles, iguanas, etc.

Mr. Crews sure that his dog Bella "saved her greed - she swallowed a toad entirely and did not try to chew on."



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