Dubai Metro driverless

Author: One of the hottest days I decided to study the infrastructure of Dubai, and in particular its transport component - the subway. Therefore, I sat down on one end of the station and drove across town to their hotel, which was almost at the end of branches.
If Moscow had the same beauty of the subway, I would every day hang there for 5-6 hours :) I suggest you learn more about Dubai Metro and ride on a trailer «Gold class» through the city. You see a building on the horizon? Soon we will have to doedem!

Dubai Metro - one of the few that is controlled automatically. You never see drivers on the trains simply because there is no cab :) But there is one very interesting car, which I will talk about later. And yet we go down into the subway to buy a ticket! Entrances to the underground larvae resemble the Alliance of the famous Half-Life 2, and these shells painfully remind me of seashells at the entrance to the metro station "Slavic boulevard"

Now it's time to buy a ticket! After some difficult combinations I get a one way ticket. Zaitsev is not here, and all because if you pass the station you want, or you reach it, you just do not release the protection or push the turnstile to you his sash. But do not panic! You can always wait for the train and get off at the desired station, and then you miss it!

Tickets there are two types: «one way» and «two way» - a one-way and round-trip. The price varies depending on the type of car and the path length. I rode in the Gold class from one end to another for $ 6. And now I tell you that I was impressed. At each station there are boards here, here you can share your impressions about the trip. Matt and obscenities were noted. Needless to say, that would be with this board, if it were placed here in Moscow?

Looking ahead, we show you how to look my station «Al Rigga»! The left and right elevators are installed, so that you did not go down the escalator and reduce the time for the descent! All stations are very beautiful and gives them a perfect gloss!

Driving Dubai Metro: in fact, the two branches operate only one - red, Cokolnicheskaya :) I went to the station «Dubai Marina» (that about palm island - it is difficult not to notice) to the station «Al Rigga»

Escalators two, and both are on different platform, so do not mix them, otherwise would have to go up and down! Now, about the division of the cars: a total of 5, and each is different. The first luxury car - Gold class, because you can look in the windshield of the city, there are more spacious. The rest of the cars for women and men workers. The platform is on duty security guard who checks tickets. If I had not bought a ticket to the Gold class, I would not have him go! Trains run every 5 minutes.

This is, roughly speaking, the outskirts of the city. Hotel «Burj-al-Arab» is far from us. It is worth noting that not only I wanted to take a look through the window of Dubai. I had to politely push two people and occupy a central position

At each station located transitions

I had a fetish for photographing transitions, to which all too stylish and beautiful!

On our way - the area of ​​Knowledge Village, there will soon be built elite universities

This Metro City! Shell in the distance - it's the next station

Forgot to say that a great air conditioning in cars, and made broadcasts in 2 languages: Arabic and English. Please speak Arabic, then in English. The procedure for this - first to announce the station, then warn of closed doors and in ways reminiscent of what will be the next stop

To get on the road - no problem, there are stairs everywhere and low fences. But why, when everything is so beautiful and can be seen through the windshield?

Coming to the center. As I found out later, most of the buildings is quite zalezabelny, and I will not miss the opportunity to win some skyscrapers when to come back to Dubai again

«The next station is: World Trade Center»! Building a golf ball on the top - center provider. A World Trade Center - the first skyscraper built in Dubai!

I would take pictures of the inside of the car, but too unkindly looked at me ... office workers

Approaching Al Rygge, we go down to the dungeon. That is where we need a full frame! I pulled up to ISO 1600 and tried to take the inside of the tunnel 10,233,612

Glass blikovat tough, and sometimes the train raced toward us

And here's native Al Rigga! The road from Dubai Marina to Al Riggi took about 40 minutes, and I boldly declaring that our subway much faster Dubai!

The most beautiful entrance to the subway station was «Union»

Metro I definitely enjoyed it, but it's worth thinking about his future. 5 wagons headway 5-7 minutes. What happens when the population of Dubai will rise? Traffic jams happen. But Dubai does not rest on its laurels and is expanding, so I hope that with the traffic situation will be all right!



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