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There is a category of air fables, which is difficult to verify. Was it not, embellished or all as the spirit - no one knows. Just fun. Well, believe it or not - it is.
In Hamburg airport makes landing a regular board, they rule on the band and listen to the broadcast. And there in the queue to land four. The first plane to go Lufthansa, followed by cargo FedEx, British Airways further and further IL-86 Aeroflot delayed by some four hours. Ila pilot, reasoning that, and so late and need to catch up, putting the instrument on all Lufthansa and begins to decline. Service ground control chokes in hysterics, but seeing inflexibility crew IL, trying to somehow correct situation. And give a good landing. Crews FedEx and British Airways tolerate the situation rather stoically, and the pilot of the German liner begins in a raised voice to figure out from what reasons it home on the same German aircraft must give way to all Russian. Gets quite expected response from the Russian side that the one on the right is the winner and they say, learn to be at war. Not finding that argue for half a minute, shut up, and then hissed in the air, that, well, they say, the Jews though there is no queue. What gets an instant response from the British side, on the inadmissibility of such statements.
They all sat down. And somewhere in the room for an hour rest pritopali airport security guard. Politely asked to go with them. It turned out that Lufthansa pilots in one of the toilets otmudohali seriously. And cynically. Not only that seriously damaged the Face and deprived two front teeth, so more and pilot's license in the toilet leaked. Identification was not successful - from Aeroflotovskie flyers German nobody recognized. And from the other one did not know - "the civilized world».
And after a while about the same composition collars ready to fly. Suddenly without a team manager before Lufthansa airliner taxiing for takeoff from Falcon British Airways. German begins to flatten, and he yells on the air, it's a complete madhouse, not the airport. Sit not give Russian, British fly.
And then with the British's text is in Russian. Well, as in Russian. On a typical Odessa. "Tell him - they say - this potsu, Schaub he did shut up. And then we Sema he can fight again against the Jewish people "


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