Medicinal insects

Once we get sick - immediately go to the doctor or the pharmacy. But have we at least sometimes: the treated where there are no qualified doctors and pharmacies? What treatment is more effective? The following "recipes" may surprise you, but with the use of some of you may have experienced, not knowing their usefulness.

The larvae of the green flies
Contribute to the treatment of wounds and infectious bone zabolevaniy.Kogda green fly sits on an open wound, she, like all the flies, lay larvae. But the larvae of flies - especially. These larvae contain therapeutic element known as allantoin. Increasingly, doctors use allantoin (extracted from fly larvae) to treat osteomyelitis. Such treatment is very effective.

Larval therapy
Some doctors do not bother removing allantoin. Instead, they enter larvae in the affected areas. As the larvae develop and rastut- they absorb bacterium infection, damaged and dead cells already.

Bee venom therapy
Bee venom is rich in enzymes, peptides, glucocorticoids and other medical components. Effective in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Non forget that it is still poison. Abuse of natural medicine leads to dire consequences.

Ant venom to treat arthritis
Ant bites contain poison. Ant poison reduces swelling and relieves pain.


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