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It turns out that Japan is difficult to get there. You can not just do a visa to stay for the first night through the "expedition" and travel around the country, as you'd like. First you have to find a travel agency that wants to take the money (a lot, it turns out, they are not necessary). Then we need to come up with a route, looking at a map. And we must pay for hotels in Moscow on the double tariff, because supposedly the Japanese Foreign Ministry requires that all knew in advance - where and what time you will be at all times during your stay.

Then mozgoebstva page in the passport visa decorate with cherry blossoms and your photograph (why is she on the visa, despite the fact that one is already in the passport - a mystery).

About Japan, I knew little. Standard porridge from the general representations, journal notes on electronic novelties, random vocabulary (sushi Hiroshima-Mitsubishi-shuriken-hara-kiri suicide) and reports of the program "International Panorama", seen as a child, that regulators in Tokyo wear respirators It appeared on the streets oxygen stations, so shitty traffic. Still remember the transfer of rubber products on display, the successes of Cheburashka and Tatu. Japan in my mind was ideal as the Martian city, it was hard to imagine a crack in the pavement, not that garbage on Japanese territory. The only word I learned especially for the trip - "arigato" (accent on either of the last two syllables of your choice).

Aircraft flying from Khabarovsk to Niigata airport. Upon arrival it was found that in Japan, you can safely turn off the phone and forget because there is no GSM. All Japanese phones are designed for third-generation networks, all folding and all the size of a brick. In the unfolded form - as the two bricks.

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At the airport, I found an ATM. During the trip I met ATMs even five times, but none of them wanted to work with my card. It was not fatal, because the card can buy almost everything, except for tickets for the Ferris wheel. All graphics and navigation interfaces in Japan are amazing, and all, without exception, computerized - are terrible. Starting with the fact that ATM numbers arranged in a row instead of the usual block, and finishing machines for soft drink, a bottle of which is acquired can get only quirky professional pre-squatting. The natives told me that if you buy two cans at once, then do not get them out. I checked - and the truth. The two banks are somehow tricky block each other, and only natural persistence allows ten minutes to take the machine at delivery, picking invisible hand in the womb. ATM, incidentally, is also not able to give money to a human being. At first, I just do not understand exactly where he gave them, although the voice urged me not to leave behind anything («You have left something behind!»). Carefully inspect the entire surface, I found disclose the womb from which looked at me ten thousand ¥ in the profile (thickness 50 microns of bills). Externally, the place where the bill gets resembles the interior of the printer in which paper jams.

I take a taxi to the train station. The taxi - Monitor an unknown destination and lacy napkin that lined the entire interior, including doors.

The Japanese have surprisingly little knowledge of English.

From Niigata three hours have to whistle at Shinkansene to Tokyo. Shinkansen ("new highway") - broad-speed rail system (by Japanese standards) expression. Although locomotives design reminiscent of the "Shuttle", wagons are no surprise (and clearly not up for the convenience and napichkannosti to new "Siemens", on which I traveled in Germany). In the picture, all four different locomotive.

But this does not prevent them kissing.

When I drove to Tokyo and got off the train, I was stuck not a child. Every second, at different speeds at different levels, some of the ways of passing the compositions of different kinds - from underground to the trains and overexpression. The eye, accustomed to see a maximum of two trains in motion, do not have time to keep track of moving objects at the same time. Adapted for five minutes, illegal to smoke on the platform.


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