Creative Coffins: at some of the boxes to play nice?

Just recently opened in the British capital's favorite by most residents of Albion exhibition of unusual coffins, which do not look like your ordinary wooden prototypes.
The exposition has been held for several years within the country for the title of the festival - the Festival of Death. Came delight not only all kinds of "bells and whistles lethal", but also coffins.
Especially popular with the public are the coffins of the Nottingham workshop «Crazy Coffins», which means "Crazy Coffins».
Employees of this workshop certainly know a lot about "special coffins are not for everyone," because for over 15 years, appear more and more daring and creative options last refuge.
For example, in the form of aircraft coffin, the coffin of a huge egg coffin sleigh and so on.

"Iron Man»

By the way, after the death of wanting to be in the creation of such a workshop «Crazy Coffins» not so little as it may seem. We know even a couple of interesting stories on the subject. For example, one of the researchers of the Arctic ordered a coffin sleigh with skis attached to them. The fact that a man wants all the things that are pleasing to him throughout his life were with him, and after his death. And, skis must be on their feet. Also known is the story of an elderly woman who has ordered a coffin in the shape of a large egg and wished to bury it in the form of an embryo. In general, "how I come and gone».





"Football boots»


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