Unusual graves from the workshop in Ghana (9 photos)

In the African nation of Ghana near the capital, Accra, is a workshop for the manufacture of coffins, which is unique in the world, reports AFP.

Paa Joe Works produces not just the coffins and graves in the form of a variety of subjects: airplane, lion, cucumber, tomato, lobster, shoe, white "Mercedes" and bottles of Coca-Cola.

"We have customers all over the world. The idea is that you order a coffin, which reflects what the people involved in the life "- explains manager Emmanuel Doku.

"For example, Omar - for fisherman, cucumber - the seller of vegetables, a plane - for the pilot. We recently ordered a coffin football related to the deceased 19-year-old player, "- adding:" These coffins made only in Ghana. The tradition goes in the 1950s, is now in Accra, we have five workshops. "

Asked about the unusual project coffin Doku without hesitation replied: "It's simple. In 1992, a German gynecologist ordered a coffin in the shape of a woman's uterus. " In support, he opened a drawer and took out a small cardboard box with a plastic model of the said body that doctor sent as a sample.


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