There was a man with a big letter on behalf of Marvin Heemeyer.

I wanted to tell you about it.
 - There was a man with a big letter on behalf of Marvin Heemeyer.

He worked as a welder, repairing automobile mufflers in the town of Granby, Colorado. The town is a microscopic, 2,200. Workshop where he was with the store. As I understand it, a plot of land that he has officially bought the studio for a fairly decent dibs on auction (something on the order of $ 15 000 for this, he sold his share in a large service station in Denver).

Granby, Colorado More, as a hobby, he built and snowmobiles in the winter and ride them around the neighborhood Granby newlyweds. As the limousine. He even had a license (never suspected that such activities can be licensed at all). In my opinion, the guy was pretty good-natured and extremely funny. However, «While many people described Heemeyer as a likeable guy, others said he was not someone to cross.» He served his time in the Air Force, airport equipment, and since then has steadily worked on the engineering side. He lived to be fifty-two years old, not married (some sad love story where he once befell).
Pyatidesyatidvuhletny welder Marvin Heemeyer had lived in Granby several years to repair the car mufflers. His little shop is closely related to the cement plant Mountain Park. To the dismay of Marvin Heemeyer and other neighbors of the plant, Mountain Park decided to expand, forcing them to sell their land.

Sooner or later surrendered to all the neighbors of the plant, but not Marvin Heemeyer.
His ground manufacturers have not been able to buy, although trying to do it by hook or crook. In general, cultural desperate to solve the problem, man began to veer. Since all the land around the factory shop has prinalezhali, he blocked all communication and access to the house. Marvin decided to build another road, and even bought a bulldozer for this decommissioned «Komatsu D355A-3" restoring it to the engine in his workshop.

The city administration refused permission to lay a new road. At the bank to find fault with a mortgage loan, and threatened to take away the house.
Marvin Heemeyer tried to restore justice, to sue the Mountain Park, but lost the legal battle.

Several times drove the tax on the tax to retail trade, fire inspection, disease surveillance, the latter wrote a fine of $ 2,500 for a magical «junk cars on the property and not being hooked up to the sewer line» (in general in his workshop "was a tank, not meet sanitary standards. ") we recall, was an auto repair shop. Plumbed Marvin could not, because the land on which should dig a ditch, too, belonged to the factory and was in no hurry to give him such a permit. Marvin paid. Putting a receipt when sending a short note - "Cowards". After some time, his father had died (31-Mar-2004), Marvin went to bury him, and while he was away, he turned off the light, water and sealed the shop. Then he closed the workshop. Almost nobody saw him.

Finally, on July 4, 2004, Marvin Heemeyer took concrete revenge. Total.

On the creation of armored bulldozers it took about two months, according to some reports, and about a year and a half, on the other ... it dvenadtsatimillimetrovymi sheathed steel sheets laid centimeter layer of cement. To equip the camera with an image displayed on the monitors inside the cabin. We equip the camera lens cleaning system in case of blinding dust and debris. Provident Marvin supplies of food, water, ammunition and gas masks. (Two "Ruger-223" and one "Remington 306" with cartridges.) With the remote control down on the chassis of an armored box, locked himself inside. In order to lower the shell on the cab bulldozer Marvin Heemeyer used a homemade crane. "Leaving her, Marvin Heemeyer knew then out of the car he will not get out," said police experts. And at 14:30 left the garage.

It looked like this:

Marvin was previously a list of goals. All those who thought it necessary to take revenge.
«Sometimes, as he put it in the notes, reasonable men must do unreasonable things.»

First, he passed through the plant, carefully snesya building the plant, production facilities and in general to the last barn.

Ruins of the administration of a cement plant Mountain Park Inc.

Cement Plant Mountain Park Inc.

Then he walked through the town. He took off the facades of houses with members of the city council. Demolished building of the bank, who was trying to push it through the early repayment of a mortgage loan. Destroyed the building of the gas company "Ixel Energy" refused to fill it after a fine kitchen gas cylinders, City Hall, City Council offices, fire departments, warehouse, several residential buildings owned by the city mayor. Until the pile sryli editors of local newspapers and the public library, in short, has taken down all that had anything to do with the local authorities, including their homes. And he showed a good awareness of who owns what.

Parking Sheriff

Municipal building, which served as a hall and library

Liberty Bank

Marvin Heemeyer tried to stop. First, the local sheriff and his assistants. Let me remind you, it has been fitted with a bulldozer centimeter spaced armor. Local police used revolvers and shotguns-nine. With the obvious result. With zero. Alarm raised local detachment SWAT. Then the forest rangers. SWATa have found grenades, assault rifles at the rangers. Some particularly dashing sergeant jumped from the roof to the hood of a bulldozer and tried to throw stun grenades into the exhaust pipe. It's hard to say what he wanted to achieve - son of a bitch Marvin Heemeyer, as it turns out, are welded to the bars, so the only thing lost as a result of the bulldozer - is the actual pipe. Sergeant, of course, also survived. Slezogonka the driver did not take the - the monitors could be seen in a gas mask.

Marvin Heemeyer actively returned fire through loopholes cut into the armor. No one from his fire does not hurt. Because he shot much higher goals. Simply put, in the sky. However, the police approach it is no longer resolved. In total, considering the ease of rangers at that time there were about 40 people. Bulldozer received more than 200 hits in total - from the service revolver to M-16 grenades. He tried to stop hefty scraper. «Komatsu D355A» easily stuffed in his back scraper storefront and left there. The car stuffed with explosives on the way Marvin Heemeyer also did not give the desired result. The only achievement was punched rebound radiator - however, as the experience of quarrying, the bulldozers are not immediately pay attention to even the complete failure of the cooling system.

All that could eventually make a real police - to evacuate is 1, 5 thousand. Residents and blocked all roads, including driving to Denver federal highway number 40 (overlapping federal highway all particularly shocked).

"Marvin Heemeyer War" ended in 16:23.

Until the pile Marvin decided to raze small wholesale shop "Gembls." In my opinion, there is no longer simply had nothing to endure, was still filling stations LPG, but its explosion blew least half the town without distinction, where the house of the mayor, and where - a scavenger.

The bulldozer became ruins Iron department "Gembls." In the sudden deathly silence came the whistling furiously escaping from a punctured radiator steam, it filled up with fragments of the roof, he was stuck and stalled.

At first, the police were afraid to approach the long bulldozer Marvin Heemeyer, and then long done the hole in the armor, trying to get a welder of its track Fortress (three plastic charge does not give the desired effect). It was feared last trap, which could arrange for them to Marvin. When the armor finally struck blowtorch, he had already been dead for half a day. Last Chuck Marvin left to themselves. Living given into the hands of his enemies, he was not going to.

Marvin Heemeyer was not one of those who give up!

As aptly put governor of Colorado, "the city looks as if a tornado swept through him." The city was indeed caused damage at $ 5 million, the plant - $ 2 000 000. When the scale of small towns meant the almost complete destruction. The plant has never recovered from the attack and sold territory, together with the ruins.

Card Destruction

Bulldozer some pundits like to put on a pedestal and make the attraction, but the majority insisted on its melting. The inhabitants of the town, this is the case, as you might guess, very mixed emotions.

Then began the investigation. It turned out that the "creation Marvin Heemeyer was so safe that can withstand not only the explosion of grenades, but not very powerful artillery shell: it was covered with armored plates, each consisting of two sheets of half-inch (about 1 to 3 cm) steel held together by a cement pad ".

"Nice it was a guy" - says people who knew Marvin Heemeyer.
- "I should not have to deduce it from itself." "If he was your friend - it was the best one. Well, and if the enemy - the most dangerous, "says Comrade Marvin.

This act caused the admiration of many people in the United States and around the world. Marvin Marvin Heemeyer started calling the "last American hero." Now this case is evaluated as a spontaneous anti-globalization rally.


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