Dog Vaymaraner (9 photos)

Weimaraner (or "Silver Ghost") obedient and extremely quick-witted, easily trained and reaping laurels in the competition for training, used for investigative work and as a watchman.

Weimaraner appeared in Britain in the early 50s and immediately gained popularity as a pet, participated in exhibitions and competitions in training. His highly valued in the United States - the best producers are concentrated in these two countries. But there it is a recent guest.


His homeland Germany. Since the end of the XVIII century at the court of the Duke of Weimar bred cops with excellent field quality, originality, exquisite color. It is believed that the Weimaraner Pointing come from that time and that dogs such as beagles and St. bloodhound. Hubert were also used for their removal.


This is an excellent hunting gun dog, but her ancestors were used in the hunt for big game.


As much as possible to walk; his energy knows no bounds. This does not mean that it does not hold in the city, but it is absolutely necessary to provide maximum freedom under the supervision of the owner.


Almost, and sometimes it does not even need to be cleaned with a brush, because its smooth shiny coat itself is cleaned of dirt and dust.


I get along well in the family, but full of happiness he needs the work, their job.


Head Moderately long and aristocratic. The forehead has a shallow furrow running in the middle, a smooth transition to a muzzle.


Expression inquisitive, kind and clever.


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