Day when the sea turned into foam

At this time, the nature of surprised people in Cape Town, South Africa. Beach Sea Point on the outskirts of the city was filled with foam, suddenly rose to the shore. It all looked as if the ocean turned into a giant cup of cappuccino.

1. What is the reason for this phenomenon?


3. Most likely, the impurities in sea water combined in proper proportions, and as a result bubbles formed shake waves.


5. And then began something like a chain reaction, and the foam filled the entire beach.


7. Most people prefer to get away from this seething mass but, as always, there were those who wanted to capture the event.

8. Most likely, if they knew that the foam consists of secretions of algae, chemicals and decomposition products of dead marine flora and fauna, the same would apply to flight.

9. However, at some point, even the most persistent forced to retreat, and offensive to photograph the ocean to the land was no one.




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