Briefly on Thursday

Seven-year-old girl from Tyumen, trying to bury his parrot, accidentally became oil magnatkoy.

Announcement on the Odessa beach: The beach is closed. Firstly, in water nevertheless found cholera! Secondly, so far have not found workers sanitary station. Third - winter.

Sent more than three times - is considered to be persistent.

Any soup sooner or later becomes mushroom

x: I tonsured his cochlea mustache :))
y: they were the eyes

Never ridiculous person who chews a cookie. Wait until he starts to drink her tea

Programmer - is a professional converter hallucinations customer tough formal system.

Do you want to take revenge on her husband? Get organized in the garage!

August 19, World Contraception Day. If you have friends do not forget to congratulate them!

My grandmother still remembers cordless irons ...

Yesterday went to Sberbank. In the yard a lot of good cars, entirely foreign cars. And by the door stands a broom. Looks like not everyone comes someone arrives.


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