Guess how old is this woman?

Meet Annette Larkins and it looks like it is no more than 40, and all thanks to his diet. She looks so young that people mistakenly believe her daughter, her 54-year-old husband, when they go down the street. On that neither my husband nor myself Annette did not take offense ...
Secret Annette that she is his backyard grows fruits, beans and nuts, which also feeds. Her husband is the owner of the slaughterhouse and meat consumption was not a problem.
On its 40th anniversary Annette decided that it is necessary to change the life of another will take its time. And now she is sick and looks younger than in the 1980th. In turn, my husband also decided to start a diet, because he was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension. He has to take medication daily, and Annette for more than 20 years did not drink a single pill.

This woman of 70 !!!



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