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Recently it became known that in the heart of Siberia on the Day of Cosmonautics free education and healthcare 12 April 2009 opened a veritable museum of the Soviet Union. This house thingies that on Gorky Street in the city of Novosibirsk. And at the request of his Stas visited Maria Kulesza did Yukhimenko Photos from
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Museum of the Soviet Union - a small fragment of the past. A small world with its own rules, which settled near the city center. To get to it was difficult, but when the goal was reached, did not want to leave.

once in the house was the NKVD. And the building itself was built in 1917.

Inside the atmosphere was like my grandmother's trunk. Well, all that may be, all here: shoes, tea spoons, washboards, underwear, cards, glasses, typewriters, cameras. The majority of equipment in working order. On the walls hang ads about watching Soviet films.


Attention drawn typewriter Oliver, as it turned out, she was captured, brought from Nazi Germany in the forties. In the corner lay a metal korobok- a "spy" camera "Vega 2". This thing in the 60s was considered dangerous to ordinary citizens as they could, and for the use of such a plant. The owner of the camera said that once his father took a picture of one man such a camera in Red Square, after which the man was questioned whether he spy. It was not a spy. Now is such a small camera are stored in the museum. Its action is very funny: when you open the "box" is heard schelchok- then photographed.





The camera "Change", which is available in the museum there, too, "distinguished." He entered in the Guinness Book of Records in terms of production. He was at one time the most popular in the USSR.

Spirits of "Moscow" stood alone on the edge. I remembered the smell. The same grandmother enjoyed. Nearby lay the Soviet curling, which just shocked. She looked like a modern form, but was quite metal. And the principle of operation is not easy: before you use it, it was necessary to impose a paper on the hair, and then red-hot curling tongs.

I went around the room and stared at all these things, soaked in his era. Which were so far removed from the present. Nostalgia was present here, it is probably the main motive of the museum. Anna "gray commissioner," so I pose a serious man, watching my emotions with a smile. I guess I'm not the first to visit this museum so: with amazement.

When I walked the girl who wanted to buy a couple of statues of Olympic cubs. She examined them carefully. And she said that tomorrow will buy.

"Many of the exhibits do not want to sell. They have a special value. But if customers come and buy, then have nowhere to go, "- added Anna.


The second room was in a small room on the ground floor. Conventionally, it can be called "Lenin's office" because all the walls are hung with flags with slogans of Marxism and Leninism. At the window stood a table with a typewriter "Progress" and an open book on the chapter on the construction of communism in the country. Inkwell, pen, radiopriemnik- very comfortable place to work. Then lay the documents. These were documents of different people, party membership, passports, certificates.

On the wall hung a huge portrait of a young of Person I did not recognize him, it was Brezhnev. I felt a little ashamed.



Museum of the Soviet Union - a non-political organization. And there's no communist propaganda, there is memory and homage to the past. When the director in his story reached the disadvantages of the Union, and then remembered about the camps and links, but it was called only "costs, which are always there."

Everyone who lived in the Soviet Union say did not know who lived under communism. There has always been a belief in the future and probably lived then "future" rather than the present. But the desired "future", which was described in his treatises, many politicians did not come.

The museum is planned to resume the work of the club's "old record" to show newsreels of the Soviet period, as well as periodically to honor veterans of war and labor. For such people, it is important that they are not forgotten. After all, they worked all his life for the sake of moral encouragement of greater than money.

Personal exhibits director at the museum are about thirty percent. And the most expensive thing for Ideas Timofeevna a flask of his father, with whom he went through the Great Patriotic War.

His story idea Timofeevna ended up being possible to maintain the integrity of the people only through harmonious relations between people. She believes in a strong state of Russia, as well as once believed in the Soviet Union.

Museum of the young, he's only four months. But interest in it is huge. According to the organizers of the museum is the only museum of the Soviet Union. While it is possible he has the character of a nostalgic place where people come to remember the past or the past of their parents. But maybe soon, he will still be able to show "all the power of the Soviet state to present Russia in the objects of everyday life."



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