Natural disaster.

He worked with us as a wonderful electrician such a character. Cult, we can say the figure. Such people usually say-disaster. For example, he could go to work perfectly in an arc, and conjured on the board, leaving no light polzdaniya.
And somehow, still living in the village, chopped pig. A responsible wife for payment of swine killer allocated a certain amount, which our electrician with a friend, of course, and propyl.
And it is already evening. And the pig still need to somehow sentence, because otherwise there will be trouble.
And is born a genius in the simplicity of execution idea. Executed in the electric chair? - Yes I Am. Well, so what's the delay?
He takes the rubber gloves, inserts into the shield wire and tells the other victims buryachkom beckon. And how he will entice our people zip wires in her ears sticks - and all in the ointment.
But everything went perfectly according to plan. Lure pig gave himself. Even wires stuck in her ears. But then - fig. Piggy shook like an epileptic, but did not fall. Did not survive the fuses.
De-energized animal relieved, first drove snout between his legs provododerzhatelyu. Second executor had to slip away to the barn. Electricians cancer-side - the same direction.
And look out of hiding as fun electrified Piggy. And she did not lose time in vain - demolished the fence in the yard, trampled flowers, in general, have fun as she could.
Wife gets home. And he sees - light in the house is not, out of the crib, two drunken hari peep, and the yard pig circles cuts. Gloss leads, so to speak. Such is the pastoral.


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