8-year-old boy found a girl (9 photos)

American Joey Romero officially became a girl named Josie. In the near future it is expected sex-change operation - the first time it will make 8-year-old child!

He was six when doctors officially recognized Joey transsexual.

Now his sex changed in all documents, the boy found the girl, although technically this transformation will end after Josie goes through surgery and gender reassignment therapy hormones.

This will allow her (him?) In the future to grow up as a woman.

Romero family is originally from Arizona. 42-year-old Veness, Mom Joey says: "She's already tiny baby clutched hands and pretended shakes the baby. And when I started to speak, then immediately he said: "I am a girl!" We tried to fix it, they said, "No, you're a boy." In four years, she again told us: "I am a girl, and it is finally!"

Josie's father works as an engineer in the RAF. "At first, I was shocked by this, I mourned the loss of her son. But then, a good reflection, I realized that had not lost a son and daughter bought. "

While Josie is educated at home in Arizona.

Children at school at a military base did not accept this transformation, so that parents had to take the girl home. Soon she will give medicine to prevent the further development of male sexual characteristics, and with 12 years it will start a regular hormone therapy, and will completely change gender.

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