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Recently I went to Demotivtory and was struck by a huge number of modems on "shkoloty not understand ...»
Given of the old TV series, books, movies and, of course, video games. However, why the authors believed that shkolota modems do not know who is Crash Bandicoot, what the V-2000, Infestation and so forth. There was arkadok nashtampovat in the period 1997-2000 in abundance. And this post I decided to devote a really old games that are so-called "Shkolota" for the most part have not seen, and know not the judgment of such creations.

So, I took 3 games genre 3D Action and Racing. Other genres are then in the end, not all at once to produce proceed ...

FPS (First person shooter)

The most famous game in those early years was Wolfenstein 3D (1992), the development of id software. The name was borrowed from the games Castle Wolfenstein (1981g.v.) The gameplay was unsophisticated, but fascinated gamers head. As a player was 4 weapon, a knife, a pistol, machine gun.

Further development of the game led to the emergence in 1993 of the game Doom. By the way Doom II (1.666), there are two secret levels (31-32), who were stylized Wolf. 3D
Download Wolfenstein 3D Doom II (1993.)
I think the first part of the trilogy is not particularly necessary to tell, because she had such a huge success as the 2nd part.
The game offers to get used to the role of the unknown space marines, who will of fate must stop the invasion of hell on earth.

As it was one of the first games which was introduced multiplayer. Until now, it has not lost popularity in certain circles gamers.
Download Doom II - Hell on Earth Descent (1995.)
The game is not for everyone, so you can characterize Descent. Agree not everyone vestibular apparatus withstand traveling in 3-dimensional maze in an aircraft having 6 degrees of freedom. ie turns left and right, up and down, according to CS-versus CS + K this strafe.
But even a little tedious control of the ship, the game has gained immense popularity. Still, unprecedented at the time the graphics and special effects, as well as the opportunity to network rubilovki.
Gameplay is simple as a stool - fly through the maze, take out villains, we find the purpose of the mission, destroy, and within 30 seconds. it is necessary to get to the hatch with the inscription Exit. Otherwise imminent Game Over.

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In addition there were such wonderful things like Hexen, Heretic, Blake Stone, Cyclones, Depth Dwellers and others. Racing

Back in 1995 there was the first part of the Need for Speed ​​(some think it was the first NFS Underground) which in fact is the ancestor of auto simulators, due to excellent physics at the time. (There was a great project Screamer but it is gone forever) but it will not touch me because it is still often remembered. And I will write a more senior representative ...

In particular Stunts by Distinctive Software (1990). It was also known as 4D Driving.
Very advanced game for its time. It was made entirely in the 3-dimensional world and had interesting gameplay. It was the direct descendant of the game Stunts GP, as well as almost completely borrowed the idea of ​​regime tricks Crashday. In the main menu, you choose the route and the opponent. We give you the start and at the time of an opponent riding on the highway that abounds stunt objects such as - tramliny, platforms, loops, tunnels, longitudinal hinges and so on. The game has a wide variety of machines. Has an editor runs.

He was released a remake of cross-platform games under the GNU / GPL license under the name Ultimate Stunts.
Download Stunts (4D Racing)
Download Ultimate Stunts Test Drive 3 (1990.)
Yes Yes! It is a distant ancestor of TD Unlimited. The game is very good. The meaning of the game as well as in all the old games is simple. You are going to race with an opponent. There is a choice of 5 cars and a few tracks on which it was possible to drive at night. The game was made as a 3-dimensional world, with very high quality. Very good quality of rendering is not 3-dimensional parts. There are even switching function radio, wipers. And besides, the game was complete freedom. Where do I want to Kachu. The truth is if you went off the track you just will go into an endless field. However, when I first played it, I was sitting with eyes to 5 kopecks, and could only say "WOW».

Yeah ... I do things at the time the company Accolade
Download Test Drive 3 - The Passion Lotus: The Ultimate Challenge (1993.)
Racing on the machines of the brand Lotus. Specifically, «Espirit S4», «Elan SE» and «M200». On the track, which runs one of the 13 landscapes offered to overtake 20 cars and pass the specified number of checkpoints. In a particularly long routes at the car ends gasoline.
Drawing lovely landscapes. Music awesome. There constructor runs. You can play with a friend in a mode SplitScreen.

Download Lotus: The Ultimate Challenge

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