Prices in different countries on products

I wanted to talk about the prices and compare them to Russia. Sam Russian prices do not know, 4 was not.

I live alone in France and the French offer prices for different products.
Who are not lazy, do, please do the same in the comments on the products in your country.

Course - 1 euro / ruble 42

Freshly baked French baguette - 75-90 cents
About cheese I do not write so much here as it is 80% and in Russia do not have.
Yogurt Danone Veloute Fruix 4 cups of 125g - 1.79 €
6 eggs - 1.11 €
Coca Cola - 1.41 €
A liter of orange juice. - 0.85 €
Milk 6 liter bottles - 4.80 €
About Wine also a separate issue, can be found from 50 cents to EUR 10,000.

Booze it all depends on the taste of the average bottle of 750 of the same Martini, vodka, whiskey, pastis, liqueur, or some hash to be mixed with juice or soda spinning around 10-18 euros.
Personally, I buy Nemiroff vodka in Russian store for 25 euros, 20 euros for Khortytsya. Russian beer did not touch, IMHO - urine.

Frozen french fries 1kg - 1.45 €
2, 5 kilos of potatoes - 1.49 €
Frozen steaks 10 pieces of 100 grams - 5.90 €
Milk Chocolate Milk - 1.60 €
In general at me one zhrachki goes to 300 euros per month. Sometimes buying expensive products.



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