Museum of Contemporary History of Russia

Amazing, in my view, the exhibition was opened in one of the branches of modern history of Russia. Passing through the rooms of the exhibition, which is entitled "Finding freedom," you can find yourself in a room of any stage of the Soviet-era peasant family 20s to the interior 2 shki 80.

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01) In many branches of the museum held a theatrical tour, telling about the history of Russia in the late XIX - early XX centuries. The tour leads: women students, a policeman and a soldier. In an hour you can go through the whole history of the 20th century, going from room to room, we passed from one decade to another, the interior of each room corresponds to a particular period in the life of the country.

02) While you are considering home furnishings, to tell you what happened in that period of time.

03) Share of rural and urban residents about factory workers: how to dress, how they lived and worked.

04) A special section of the exhibition allows you to be in an atmosphere of Soviet-era symbols which became a communal apartment 1920s., Hut builders of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine, the typical "Khrushchev" and apartment building "sleeping area" of the city.




08) In many rooms there are TV, continuously broadcast movies.


10) The price was 800 p. 8 people and the cost of adult admission ticket 100 p., 70 p baby. We got quite a professional employee who managed for 1, 5 hours to take us in a fairly rapid pace in all the halls of the museum and gave us the opportunity to get a complete picture yet enough of the whole piece of our history.



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